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WCEC - Experience

WCEC was started by Virginia Tech Masters Degree Graduate Phuwanai (Best) Wanamakok in 2005 and the growth has been exponential ever since. We grew from a small 1 man company into a medium-sized company of over 20 staff in only 3 years. And our reputation as a reliable and capable company is evident by our strong list of local and international clienteles through word-of-mouth advertising.

Please see below a list of all of our past clients:

  • Mr. Adrian Koch
  • Mr. Bart Duykers
  • St Jude Medical Co.,Ltd.
  • Mr. Brad Kenny
  • Kung Bay Developments Co., Ltd.
  • The Phuket Gazette Co., Ltd.
  • Ban Tai Beach Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Michael Massey
  • TBM Design Co., Ltd.
  • Orchid Nurseries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Maxine Kent and/or Mr. John Dalley
  • Mr. Pual Newson
  • Ms. Maxine Kent
  • Mr. Kenth Nilsson
  • Mr. Godfrey Kent
  • Mr. Ralf Wern
  • Mr. Werapong Wongsangiam
  • Sandwich Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Axel Schuh
  • Ms. Jarunya Chantakit
  • Mr. David Yourieff
  • Environmental Solutions & Protection corporation, Ltd.
  • TGR Development Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Andy Becker
  • Mr. Pravin Jumabhoy
  • Richard Knox
  • Andaman Land and Property Co.,Ltd.
  • Ms. Axel Schuh
  • Mr. Supachai Utsahamongkol
  • Michael's Bar and Restaurant Co. Ltd.
  • C9 Hotelworks Co., Ltd.
  • Anuphas & Sons Co., Ltd.
  • Rolly Tasker Sails ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
  • Phuket Laser Center
  • Tropical Life Co., Ltd.
  • SMV Rental CO., LTD
  • K. Vishuda Promma-in
  • Italthai Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Wilhelm Vullriede
  • Mr. John Vause
  • Mr. Samyra Rashid
  • N. Development Co., Ltd.
  • Strega Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Victor Alvarez
  • Mr. Don Monger
  • K. Wasun Chaifarn
  • AC Engineering and Design Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Henry King
  • Mr. John Grendon
  • Mr. Kartheinz Jacob Schudt
  • K. Nuttayut
  • Norman Dawkins
  • Development Management Group Co. Ltd

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