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Project Management
Project Management Services

WCEC understands that turning a dream project into reality is no easy task. That's why our professional services include Project Management. A common mistake made by developers, is to skip the hiring of a project manager, thinking that they can easily handle all the details by themselves. They fail to appreciate that project management is a carefully planned and organized effort, to accomplish a specific and usually unique effort.

Project management means developing a construction plan. This involves defining project goals and objectives; specifying tasks and goal achievement methodology; listing resources; developing budgets and setting time lines for completion. In brief, it means implementing the project plan, with careful controls to ensure compliance with the project critical path.

The use of a project management team is crucial in reducing unnecessary costs, and making sure that the construction complies with strict safety standards. Our experienced staff will ensure that your objectives are achieved on specification, on budget and on time.

WCEC will update the client on the project's progress with weekly meetings, supported by photographs and other relevant data. As an illustration, a sample meeting report is shown below:

Construction ReportConstruction ReportConstruction ReportConstruction Report

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